CLOSE YOUR WALLET and OPEN ANOTHER BANK ACCOUNT! I am about to show you how to easily turn a measly $15 into a $2MILLION paycheck! No, you won't need an army of 50K in your downline. You'll ONLY need 2 who also want to turn $15 into $2Million and we all know there are thousands of income seekers who would welcome this opportunity.

Here's How This
Simple System Works

When you complete your one time purchase of my Easy Leads And Cash sales system for ONLY $15, your $15 will be used to place you into the 2X2 Starter Matrix.

Starter Matrix

$15 Entrance
2X2 Generates $90 (6x$15) when filled.
Your Cycle Reward = $30 puts you in 100% Profit and $60 places you into the $60 Payout Matrix with $0 out of your pocket.

You then complete 2 $15 ELAC sales and they are placed on your 1st level of the Starter Matrix.

When each of your 2 sales complete their 2 sales, your Starter Matrix will be filled with six members, you will cycle and you are placed into the 2X2 Payout Matrix.

Payout Matrix

As each of the six in the Starter Matrix duplicates the system, they will cycle from the Starter Matrix and are placed into the Payout Matrix below you filling it which pushes You to cycle the Payout Matrix. You will have completed the system and arrived at your financial destination of being in position to receive your $2Million. Congratulations!

Where Does The $2Million Come From?

When 6 cycle from the Starter Matrix and are placed into this Payout Matrix below you, $360 (6x$60) is generated.

As a verified registered shareholder with a Reputable Company, I will use this $360 to purchase shares in their products. These PRPP's are high profit return instruments and the company is awarding bonus shares with every share purchased.

You can save yourself the headache of trying to understand how these PRPP's work and how the Product is able to pay out such high returns on these shares, because YOU MOST LIKELY WON'T EVER UNDERSTAND THEM! You will only end up with a bad case of analyses paralyses preventing you from seizing what could be YOUR FINAL TICKET TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

"Thank goodness, I don't need to understand how PRPP's work to GET PAID ON THEM!"

Only registered verified shareholders one of which I am, may purchase these shares and the company discontinued enrolling new shareholders on September 10th. I am compensated from the profit return on the shares purchased as well.

Don't worry (as if anyone worries about losing $15), the company is 11,800+ shareholders from 33 countries strong and is the first, and last company offering these high demand complex banking derivatives. The company has been privileged to have the Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve overseeing their scheduled payout. If you think this company is a scam, you had better think again for the GOOD of YOUR FINANCIAL HEALTH!

Click this link and listen to a few of our team recorded conference calls and don't allow pessimism to rob you of the financial freedom you have been searching for all these years.

From the return on these purchased shares which will be deposited into my bank account by the company on December 15th-21st, I will have my bank transfer your $2Million Payout Matrix Cycle Reward to your bank account. Your funds will be sent to you between Dec. 21st-30th, 2018. I will do my best to have it deposited into your bank account before December 24th.

Please be aware that the company will close share sales on November 25, 2018 in preparation for their December 15-21, 2018 gigantic payout event, after which the Cycle Bonus for the Payout Matrix will be reduced to $10K.


This two matrix program will run for an indefinite period of time with the new $10K Payout Matrix Cycle Reward. With the closing of share sales the high returns on share purchases will no longer be available. However, to help more income seekers earn online I will personally fund these $10K Cycle Rewards until 100 have cycled the Payout Matrix. This program will then be closed. Everyone in the Starter Matrix or the Payout Matrix who did not cycle the Payout Matrix before this program is closed will receive $100 for purchasing my Easy Cash And Leads program.


No paid member who was placed into the Starter Matrix and does not cycle the Payout Matrix before share sales close will be left out of receiving a Cash Reward!

This applies only to the 42 members directly below a member who cycled the Payout Matrix and share sales closed before any of these 42 members cycled the Payout Matrix. In this case, each of these 42 members will receive a $25K "Appreciation Reward" for their participation and obviously helping a member to cycle the Payout Matrix, taxes will apply to this Appreciation Reward.

It does not matter if these 42 members were in the Starter Matrix or the Payout Matrix when share sales closed. "Hey, why not spread a little Holiday cheer? After all, it is the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR."

Notice that this $25K Appreciation Reward is paid to those not cycling the Payout Matrix and who were in the Starter Matrix or the Payout Matrix when share sales close. The $100 will be paid to all those who purchased my ELAC program who are in the Starter or the Payout Matrix when I close this two matrix program!

OK, click this link
to get your $15 ELAC sales system, then share this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY with your contacts and secure your $2Million Reward before it's all OVER!

When you are on my ELAC sales page to pay with PayPal key in your email address, first and last name in the space beneath the Coin Payments icon at the top right and the PayPal order page will open. Insure the my name, Solomon Price is on the top left of the page and if not please contact me. I will contact you when I receive PayPal notification of your payment.

You will in effect be purchasing one of my Share Pool payouts amounts. As others buy share pool payouts amounts, the total funds will be used to purchase shares. When the company pays me the return on these shares in December, I will deposit into your bank account the share pool amount you purchased. Choose your desired amount wisely as this will NEVER AGAIN BE OFFERED. Only purchase what you can comfortably afford.

In the drop-down "TH=$1000s" and "MLL"=$1,000,000s.

"200TH" Payouts are only available if we receive at least 8 orders of the same. Otherwise your funds will be refunded.

"500TH" Payouts are only available if we receive at least 3 orders of the same. Otherwise your funds will be refunded.

"1MLL" Payouts are only available if we receive at least 2 orders of the same. Otherwise your funds will be refunded.

Pool Accessories (Payout Amounts
Good as long as BTC stays under $8900 USD
Pool Accessories

...To Purchase Easy Cash And Leads

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