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If you have dreamed of earning from the comfort of your home but have not found the right opportunity, your search just maybe finally over!

PostCards-2-Prosperity (PC2P) Automatic Sales Generation System is designed to offer you trust worthy service and affordable products to make earning income from your home fun, enjoyable and profitable.

After receiving your first Cash Payments you still may not believe how simply mailing our Post Cards could make you so much money so fast.

Maybe you have tried creating a home business before but it just demanded too much of your time to make it happen.

Well here at PostCards-2-Prosperity we don’t believe in creating more work for you. Our mission in offering this income system is to make your earning potential 95% hands-free. No more spending countless hours in front of your computer clicking for
credits and ad views desperately trying to get customers. No more spending your hard earned money on opportunities that only make the Admin rich. No need to spend your valuable time and money on worthless systems promising to build you a list of prospects.

We have all the prospects you will ever need and an Automatic Sales System to help convert them into your customers. PostCards-2-Prosperity is designed to build for you a $3600 to $50,000 Monthly Income!

When you secure Your Dealer’s Package You will be placed FREE into our $3.5 Million Rewards-2-Prosperity (R2P) Cash Leveraging System with a chance to win a 2018 Chevy Pick Up!

Purchase your Dealer’ Package with BTC and You get..

.. ONE MORE ENTRY into our
2018 Chevy Truck Drawing!

Here’s How
Convert the total cost of your selected Dealer Package into BTC
and send the BCT amount to the address below. All sales are final.

Double check the BTC address after you have copied and pasted it.


If you don’t have a Bit Coin Wallet? Click a link below to set yours up.

Have questions? Email R2PCLS Admin.

When Your Customers purchase their Lead Package from You (we drophip it), they are also placed FREE into the R2PCL System below you in our Stage-1 $40 1X4 Starter Matrix helping you to cycle to Stage-2! . You’ll be on your way to potentially over $2 MILLION automatically and passively in our 2X3 Members Bonus Matrix! Now you can’t beat that with any other so-called cash generating system on the planet! You have finally found what could be your Automatic Income Utopia!

How Will Your Customers Purchase Their Dealer
Packs From You? It’s Quite Simple.

When you purchase your Dealer Pack you will also receive a website just like this one with landing pages of course. Your website will have your name and payment system information so that your customers payments will go to your Payza, Solid Trust Pay, BTC Address or other pay options you send R2PCLS Admin to use on your website. Once you receive your customer’s payment, you’ll deduct your commission for that Pack using the Dealer Cost And Commission Table below and send the balance to R2PCLS Admin. Don’t forget to tell us your name, your customer’s name; address, email and phone number if you have it. Place this information in the note/comment space of the payment panel or send R2PCLS Admin an email with this important information.

Send your Customer Money Orders to:
Solomon Price, 7060 Burlington Dr, Beaumont TX 77706

Send Customer Payza payments (USD) using email address:

Send Customer Bit Coin payments to:

With PostCards-2-Prosperity you have the most desired opportunity to position yourself have more time to enjoy life with your family while your commissions payments continue flooding your mail box or online account.

Your earnings can potentially grow quickly to as much as $50,000 Monthly or MORE automatically. You see, once you send out your post cards; your work is done! Now you just kick back and wait for your big fat commissions checks.

How much work can mailing our post cards be? Yes, this may be your most cherished home business!

I am glad you asked. You see, there are millions of online and offline business owners and affiliates who are in desperate need of PROSPECTS. Without prospects to buy their products or services, no sales are made and their business fails. Many are seeking to attract prospects with various online systems as traffic exchanges, email blasts, safe lists and so on. These traffic systems are crowded and everyone is just clicking for credits. Ad pages hardly ever gets read, but the Post Card Mailing system is still strong and very responsive. Most emails are blocked or sent to the trash folder and deleted. Our post cards are basically the only type of advertisement that actually gets into the hands of the prospect.

Yes, there is a huge demand for our PostCards-2-Prosperity Automatic Sales Generating System. As a PostCards-2-Prosperity Dealer you will be positioning yourself to earn in two ways. 1) You will be offering the millions of income seekers just like you a real business that has the potential to pay you very well, from $3600 to $50,000 or more monthly. Your Post Card mailing business will be that of selling a Business to those looking for a Business. Those prospective business owners will purchase their Dealership and tools from you. You will get PAID for every sale. 2) You will be positioned to earn by supplying leads (prospects) and marketing material (Our Post Cards) to those who already have a home based business.

Again, you will be offering a business and the tools (leads & post cards) necessary to grow any business and there are millions out there. It’s been said that during the Gold Rush years, the merchants who sold the tools needed by the gold diggers to extract the gold from the earth earned more money than most diggers. I don’t need to remind you that those merchants also did less w-o-r-k than those gold diggers! With PC2P you will be the merchant! You won’t work harder, just smarter.

Your Dealer Package comes with the same amount of Post Cards with peel-n-stick mailing labels as Leads. You will only need to place your peel-n-stick address labels and postage on our post cards. Our post cards has the potential to easily pull a 2%-5% response rate because of the high demand of our product, targeted prospects.

As an example lets say you purchased our Sapphire Leads Package for $750. As shown in panel#1 above, you would get 600 quality leads on peel-n-stick address labels and 600 Free Printed Post Cards. If you got just a 2% response rate, you would get 12 (.02 x 600) sales. Now lets say that all of these 12 sales were Sapphire Packages. Your commission per sale would be 70% or $525/Sale. You mailed your cards at a cost of $.34 each or $204 total. Your Gross commission would be $6300 (12 x $525) minus $204 (.34 x 600 cost to mail) minus $750 (Sapphire Pack) leaving you a Net Profit of $5346! To put it very mildly, $5346 in your pocket wouldn’t be an amount to sneeze at for just an hour it takes to label and mail your cards; wouldn’t you agree? Now that’s what we call working smarter, not harder. You can figure your commissions at the 3% or 5% response rate. The larger level package you invest in, the more leads go out, the higher your responses will be and the bigger your commissions payouts will be! You know, it’s all about getting out the highest numbers and let the law of average do it’s thing.

Now your next Power Money Move would be to invest $3250 ($1550 for 5000 Leads & Cards + $1700 for postage) of your $5346 Sapphire Package Profits leaving you $2096 ($5346 minus $3250) into purchasing the Sardonyx Level. You will save a thrifty $50 on each Package Level after your first purchase. In the Sardonyx Pack you would get 5000 Leads and Printed Post Cards for $1500 instead of $1550 which means even more profits for you! Lets see what your potential return on your second investment into your PC2P Business would be.

You send out your 5000 post cards and with ONLY a 2% response rate would equate to 100 SALES! Now just imagine that these 100 customers all purchased the Sapphire Package at only $750. With your 70% or $525 commission rate per sale, you would earn a hefty $52,500
($525 x 100 sales)! Now check this out. Since you paid for your Sardonyx Package and the postage OUT OF YOUR SAPPHIRE PACKAGE NET PROFITS OF $5346, every dollar of this $52,500 would be to you PURE PROFIT BABY! H-E-L-L-0.. I hope you are beginning to realize the real income potential of what is now before you. We pay $.50 or we replace any and all non-delivery leads which should be very few due to the fact that we verify all leads before shipment using reliable software.

Best Of The Best

Go here to secure your Dealer's Package, Entrance into our $3.5 Million Cash Leveraging System and your chance to Win a New Chevy Truck!

* So Choose your Starting Level very wisely to take advantage of these

Legal Disclaimer: The income projections shown above are for illustration purposes only and represents no guarantee of income. Each participant will prosper financially only in proportion to the success of the marketing mailings and responses to this post card direct mail system based upon the sole individual Affiliate's marketing and sales efforts. Commissions and cash rewards received from any third party entities as a result of our Affiliates purchases are the sole property of R2P Admin and we have full rights to do with these commissions and cash rewards as we so choose in legal, moral and ethical ways. We have chosen to use any of these commissions as leveraging funds to help build income for all parties involved, i.e., our Affiliates as well as Postcards-2-Prospeity Admin thereby extending to our customers our gratitude for their patronage. Any questions regarding this offer should be directed only to Postcards-2-Prosperity Admin, Solomon Price: 832-578-1401 -