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Now we have included TWO Core Opportunities
to help you build your Bitcoin portfolio!

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Better Than Gold


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You'll need a Bitcoin Wallet. If you don't have one click here to get one FREE!

Your cycling the 1X4 Starter Matrix will place You into our Stage-2 $160 2X2 Booster Matrix which is designed to generate $720 to launch YOU into YOUR 1st core income stream, where You will start to accumulating Bitcoin receiving a 1% daily interest for 140 days over and over! But hold on tightly because this little 2X2 Booster is crafted to also propel You into our Stage-3 2X2 $200 BTC cash leveraging Matrix which in addition to paying You a $40 Cycle Reward will eject You into our Stage-4 $700 Gold 2X2 Matrix! I think you beginning to see why we think our R2PCLS offers Cash Leveraging at it's VERY BEST.

Example Only: Earnings on a

Table below is an illustration of a potential $1.3 MILLION Earnings on Only $129 (2 BTC Trading Packages) Invested for 4½ to 5 Years. Now imagine how much an initial investment of $720 (12 BTC Trading Packages) on your behalf by our cash leveraging system could potentially Earn You over the same period of time. Well no need to guess. Simply click the image below, set up your Free ONLY HERE or on the website shown after clicking on the table below and use the BTC Package Calculator in your back office.

Table based upon then BTC USD value of $10,000, 260 working days equals 1 Year and with 100% compounding. Actual Earnings will be Higher as USD value of Bitcoin increases and Period to reach $1 Million would be relatively shorter.
Withdraw your money at any time.

Cycling the Stage-3 2X2 BTC Matrix will land You in Your 2nd Income Stream, the Prosperity Cash Leveraging System with it $5K to $315K Income potential! Additional Cycle Rewards include $110 Cycle Cash, entrance into our $2 MILLION 4X4 Profit Share Member Bonus Matrix (PSMBM) and a $125 placement into your 3rd Income Stream; Cryptopro Network Level-1 2X2 (BTC Payouts!) ! COME AND GET IT -- IT'S ALL VIRTUALLY FREE!

As Step-2 is completed for more Members, Stage-2 through Stage-6 will be opened progressively by Admin with DOUBLING THE INCOME OF EACH SUCCESSIVE STAGE POTENTIALLY TOTALING $315K!

Exponential Cash Growth Potential

You must have personally produced a minimum of
4 Starter Matrix Sales to be placed here!

Same Stage-1 Members will potentially
be entered into Stage-2

YOUR 3rd INCOME STREAM: CryptoproNetwork With A Projected Payout of 5.94 BTC (at current BTC market value) Through 8 Levels OVER & OVER!

Level-1 2X2 of 8 Cryptopro Network Matrix Levels

Click Diagram to View Pay Plan.
R2PCLS Places You FREE and Helps You Build!

Conceive Believe and Achieve

Either of these FIVE Options below will get you Upgraded
and Placed into our Stage-1 1X4 Starter Matrix shown above!

Choose Option 1, 2, or 3 Below to Upgrade
Your Feeder Matrix Account to generate your $576 to purchase your 10 shares

Please ignore other content on this page as it has nothing to do with Your potential $13 MILLION Payout

Click Panel to Choose Option-1 and Complete
the Form for your Free Prepaid Debit Card


Our aim is to help our Members potentially increase their cash flow by feeding FREE MONEY into our cash leveraging system on their behalf. It's true. FREE MONEY refers to a FREE $20 CASH REWARD paid to you by a national Visa Prepaid Debit Card Vendor. If qualified, meaning that you have not used a card issued by the Vendor any time during the 180 calendar days prior to making your $40 load requirement. If qualified, you will be rewarded $20 Cash simply for signing up for your FREE Prepaid Debit Card, activating it and making a 1st time load of at least $40 for your own personal use. The Vendor will also pay a $20 Cash Reward to R2PCLS Admin for referring you to their web page to acquire your card. When signing up for your FREE Card do insure that R2PCLS Admin's Referral Code, 6734250820 is entered on the page.

To assist you in generating your $576 to purchase your 10 shares to profit potentially $13 MILLION, R2P Admin will add our FREE $20 with your FREE $20 to place you into the Stage-1 $40 1X4 Feeder Matrix. You'll simply click this ***** link to purchase our 40K Email Ad Blast for $20. Upon receiving it I will place you into Stage-1 $40 1X4 Feeder Matrix.

You'll see a panel as the one below on our DSF Affiliate page. If our ID:6832 is not shown, email R2PCLS Admin for the correct DSF Sign Up Page.

Click Panel to Select
*SAVE $5 by purchasing your Ad Pack with Bitcoin.
Send $35 USD in BTC to address below.


You'll need a Bitcoin Wallet. If you don't have one
click here to get one FREE!

This is the End of Upgrade Options to be entered into the $40 Two-Stage Feeder to generate your $576 & $13 MILLION Payout!

Click Panel to Select
Your Postcards-2-Prosperity Dealer Package
purchase gets You entered FREE into our
Stage-1 4X2 Starter Matrix! Purchase your
Dealer Package with BTC and You get...

...ONE MORE ENTRY into our 2018 Chevy Truck Drawing!

Here's How
Open your Bitcoin wallet and select “send.” Put in the total cost of your selected Dealer Package into USD of the “send” panel. The software will convert the USD amount to BTC as shown in the BTC box. This is the BTC amount you will send to the BCT amount to the address below. All sales are final.

Double check the BTC address after you have copied and pasted it into the “Receiving Wallet” space of the “send” panel.


What Is Our Cash Leveraging System?

Our Rewards-2-Prosperity Cash Leveraging System (R2PCLS) is a Feeder System designed with your FREE Cash Flow in mind. If you are not familiar with the feeder cash leveraging system, it's an incredible process in which smaller amounts of cash can be placed or fed into a system usually composed of compensation matrices which in turn can potentially generate larger amounts of cash. The increased cash amounts are then paid out to participating Members and used or leveraged to pay entry fees into popular online income opportunities to potentially increase the Members cash flow while reducing their amount of monetary risk had the Member paid these entry fees out of their pocket. R2PCLS has the remarkable potential to provide our Members with OVER $55K Repeating Feeder Cash, $5.7 Million in our Profit-Sharing MBM and OVER $1 MILLION in income streams from our FIVE Core Opportunities.

Everyone having upgraded using our Debit Card Option, can just GIVE AWAY 1 FREE Visa Prepaid Debit Card to 4 relatives as I did or friends who loads their card with $40 ASAP for their own personal use or produce just 4 R2PCLS Sales using any one of our other 4 ENTRY Options or any combination of the FIVE.

Of course the more Free Options you give-a-way, will potentially EARN YOU A HEFTY PORTION of those REPEATING $16K in REFERRAL CYCLE BONUSES we have incorporated into the R2PCLS!

It can be just that simple folks to
to get your potential $1Million, $315K (REPEATING), $80K (REPEATING), $200K, $10K Daily and $2 MILLION, $3.7 Million and $56K (Repeating) income streams started. Generous Referral Cycle Bonuses are also in place. Get aboard NOW with our GET STARTED FREE OPTION, our LOW $40 Entry Product Purchase Option or use any of our other THREE EASY Entry Options to start building your potential $3.5 MILLION! Many will even PIF $160 for their 4 who can do the same.

Visa Prepaid

STEP 1. To use our Get Started FREE Option simply sign up for your FREE Prepaid Debit Card ONLY on R2PCLS Admin Debit Card Vendor's Affiliate web page. Make sure my Referral Code 6734250820 is shown on the form.

STEP 2. When you receive your card activate it right away. If activating by phone, be sure to confirm to the agent that you were referred by Solomon Price and that my Referral Code No. is 6734250820.

STEP 3. ASAP load your card with $40. Within 2-48 hours after loading your card with at least $40 and if you have not performed any transactions using the Vendor's Card within the past 180-days of making your $40 load, Card Vendor will add $20 to your card and $20 to R2P Admin's card! If you are in agreement, I will use my FREE $20 along with Your FREE $20 to place you FREE into our Silver Stage-1 $40 1X4 STARTER Matrix making your R2PCLS ENTRY FREE!

STEP 4. Send me your FREE $20 received from the Card Vendor using the **** or preferably Payza link below. Upon receiving it I will place you into Stage-1 $40 1X4 STARTER Matrix and commence to send out your email Ad Blast if you did not accept our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

STEP 5. Be sure to register as a Free Rewards-2-Prosperity Member ON THE WEBSITE OF THE PERSON WHO INVITED YOU if you have not completed this step. Congratulations! You are now ready to begin experiencing one of the greatest online earning potentials ever created.


REMEMBER EVERYONE signs up for their Free Debit Card ONLY on R2PCLS Admin's Affiliate Web Page of our Debit Card Vendor. You are on the correct page if Referral Code 6734250820 is shown. If not, email Admin for the correct page.

When your R2PCLS Stage-1 1X4 STARTER Matrix is filled by Admin's marketing, your marketing, spill over or by the marketing of one of your Matrix Members with JUST FOUR NEW MEMBERS who used this Debit Card FREE Option , our $40 One-Time Purchase Option, our other TWO other Entry Options or any combination of these you will cycle. You will then be placed FREE into our $2 MILLION 4X4 Profit Sharing 4X4 Members Bonus Matrix!

Your 4 Stage-1 STARTER Matrix Member Sales will follow you into the 4X4 MBM. This Follow-Your-Producer feature continues through each of the R2PCLS Matrix Stages as well as into our Core Opportunities.

You will be well on your way to entering our Stage-2 BOOSTER Matrix, our FIVE Core Opportunities and our $268K Gold Matrix Stages as you cycle our Stage-3 and Stage-4 Silver Matrices. Your potential multiple income streams totaling as much as $3.5 Million will be well within view as others realize the true income potential of R2PCLS and come aboard!



Only R2PCLS Members having upgraded using one of our virtually Free Options, purchased a PostCards-2-Prosperity Dealer Package or used our $40 Product Purchase Option to upgrade and has produced at least FOUR R2PCLS $40 Sales when Admin reaches a net profit of $65K will be entered into the Drawing to win a gorgeous 2018 Chevy 1500 Pick Up Truck! Purchasing a PostCards-2-Prosperity Dealer Package with Bitcoin will secure you ONE MORE Entry into our Chevy Truck Drawing!

Send your selected Dealer Pack purchase amount in the current BTC vlaue to:


We want to take advantage of the opportunity to give back to those who will help us succeed in growing the R2PCLS opportunity. I, Solomon Price (Admin) am committing to send a bank check to a New Car Dealer nearest the winner of this Drawing in the amount of $45,000.00 of Admin's first net of $65K earnings in our R2PCLS and or it's core opportunities!

That's my commitment to you our loyal hard working members. The winner will only be responsible to pay any taxes and any other costs over $45K to pick up their Truck. Drawing will be conducted by a reputable online sweepstakes agency. Winner is required to commit to sending R2PCLS Admin a testimonial video showing them in poccession of their new Truck with permission granted to Admin to post the video on social media. You could be the jubilant Member who drives home in your very own FREE Chevy 2018 Silverado PU!

Would that be too Cool or what? Why not GET POSITIONED NOW! Upgrade and Get Your FOUR FREE, PAID Sales or PIF FOUR Team Members to secure your entrance into this exciting Drawing!

See ya at the Top,

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Either before or after upgrading using our FREE Prepaid Debit Card, purchasing our $40 Product or one of our other Getting Started Options, proceed here to set up your R2PCLS Free Membership Account by filling in your information and clicking the "Join Rewards-2-Prosperity" tab. MAKE SURE THE NAME OF THE PERSON WHO REFERRED YOU IS SHOWN AS YOUR SPONSOR. NO CHANGES OF SPONSORS WILL BE ALLOWED. Please disregard this action if you have already joined as a Free Member.

Legal Disclaimer: Please understand that the above 4X4 chart is only an illustration and not any attempt to guarantee you'll earn any monetary Profit Shares by joining R2PCLS. Earnings and Profit Shares shown throughout this website are only proportionate to your effort to produce sales and the efforts of your Team Members to do the same. Double Superior Freebies nor any of it's affiliated entities, nor EasyCash4Ads, nor NetSpend Visa Prepaid Debit Card Vendor, nor Leased Ad Space, nor Chew The Fat Off nor SII Global has any affiliation nor participation with nor the endorsement of any of the R2PCLS offers presented on this website. R2PCLS Admin simply use portions of our potential referral commissions paid to us by some of these companies to place our R2PCLS Members into our cash leveraging system.